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First things first K4Cycles and Designs we are cyclist and Mountain Bikers.  We aim to provide forward thinking designs for your cycling needs.  Secondly we are CAD designers and Product developers.  We can take your idea from a napkin to a finished product.  From idea to sketch to model to prototype to finished product.  We want all of your projects to be successful.  

Some useful things for beginning Mountain Bikers what I think is most helpful to me.

  1. Setup your tires tubeless.  I ride alot between 2-4 times a week.  I was always getting flats.  I was going through patch kits and tubes.  Once I set up my tires tubeless I have only had one flat.  Mainly because I should have put more Stans solution in my tires.  I waited like 9 months to put in some new Stans in my rims.  I'm  going to check them like every quarter now. There are other one but this is one I have seen the most.  If you have tubeless rims you only need only the the valve stems.  

    Stans No tubes conversion kit
    Stans No tubes conversion kit
  2. The other thing that I like is I don't like pumping my tires up with either a floor pump or a hand help bike pump.  I like the Ryobi 18 Volt pump with the presta adapter.  Which I can set to the tire pressure I like currently using 27 in front and back.  I just don't like pumping up manually.  I like to workout but I don't want to have my workout being pumping up my tires. Any inflator will do.  Also since I have Presta valves I would alway buy additional adapters I always seem to be losing mine.

    Ryobi 18 volt inflator can also be used for your car and for Air mattress or floaties.
    Ryobi 18 volt inflator can also be used for your car and for Air mattress or floaties.
    18 volt battery and  charger.
    18 volt Ryobi battery and charger.

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